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A New Doctor is in Town & He Makes House Calls!

That’s right! Since Dr. Dave’s arrival in the Illawarra region there’s been an influx of house calls, requiring accurate diagnosis and swift recovery, resulting in a multitude of very satisfied residential & business computer users. All due to the services provided by the technicians at Dr. Daves Mobile Computer Services.

When was the last time you experienced a slow computer, emails not working, too much spam and those annoying pop ups? Viruses? Have you ever had challenges with software programs that just refuse to operate or what about the dreaded “blue screen of death”? What’s your breaking point? Slight annoyance? Niggling frustrations? Absolute anger? Or do you get to that point of ‘kicking-the-computer’ type rage? Well, you’re not alone.

These reactions are common to many of Dr Dave’s customers. Thankfully for Dr Dave and his team of mobile technicians bringing repair services to homes and businesses in Sydney and Illawarra, 99% of user’s symptoms are being treated without fail, on the spot!

Dr Dave may not need an official 1st Aid kit and you won’t hear sirens at the scene of a crash because with over 25 years computer experience and 9 years business experience, Dr Dave just rolls onto the scene of a computer crash or virus attack with confidence, as well as compassion and calmness, that will dissipate all frayed nerves.

Dr Daves Mobile Computer Services also offer the unique & quick service of the ERR room, Emergency Repair Rescue, no-one ever really misses out! With Dr Dave’s passion for technology and love for helping people with their computer repairs, he has discovered that many of the most common issues can easily be resolved just by the click of a couple buttons back at the LAB in a remote repair transaction process called, Emergency Repair Rescue – ERR.

It only gets better! Dr Dave doesn’t just look for technicians who are passionate about computers; he insists on recruiting those who enjoy their work so much that they also enjoy dealing with humans. That means, talking with people in basic terms about computers! The customer receives a bonus, with every on-site visit, in the form of an informal, mini training session on how to maintain their computer and prevent reoccurrences of whatever issue they experienced.

If you’re ever in need of a specialist who does house calls there’s a guarantee that, while this one can’t be claimed through your medical insurance, you’ll be surprised that the charges are no where near what a medical specialist may actually charge. So just like one might call a road-side-assist service for a minor vehicle emergency or mishap, when was the last time you considered using a similar style of service for your computer?

IN CASE OF PC EMERGENCY: 1300 300 603 or www.drdave.com.au



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